Company history

Company Geoinvest was founed 19.06.1996 in Logatec, Slovenia as Geoinvest Ivan Crnković s.p. company specialised for execution of geotechnical works. First and main activity in the begining was making benotto piles. New possibilities and opportunities builded the expansion of works to geotechnical drilling, anchoring, jet grouting, shot crete and piling with vibro and CFA methods. The latest acquisition is the equipment for diaphragm walls.

Due to fast increase of scope of works company transormed to Geoinvest d.o.o. with headquarters in Ljubljana.

Further development demanded expasion to markets across former country where in 2004 subsidiary in Varaždin, Croatia was established. Later in 2007 new subsidiary in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina eas established.

Today in 2013 Geoinvest is a independent private owned group of companies with up to 50 employees. Of those several with university degree or hcollege education or high scool degree. Almost all operators on the field are trained and educated in special scools for that kind of work.

Foundation on which we build our advantages is the quality of our works, quick response and adaptability to our clients requirements, continuous technological modernisation and the introduction of new practices and technologies in geotechnical works. All of these goals are achievable only with a team of specialists, determination and dedication to our profession, projects and company. Continuous education and accumulation of experience and consequently progression is virtually unlimited.

Current technological equipment and personnel covers all the essential market activity in geotechnical profession.

Skupina Geoinvest 
OUR MISSION: To implement complex geotechnical projects with all the world-class technologies at market prices in customer satisfaction. 
VISION: To become the leading and the largest group in the southeast region for the implementation of complex execution of geotechnical technologies by constantly introducing new technologies, eco-friendly machines with adequate staffing.

  • Ivanjkovci (SLO)

  • Rudnik (SLO)

  • Žusterna (SLO)

  • Brežice (SLO)

  • Idrija (SLO)

  • Škofljica

  • Semedela (SLO)

  • Gladno Polje Sarajevo (BiH)

  • Tarčin (BiH)

  • Marindvor, Sarajevo (BiH)

  • Čemerno (BiH)

  • SM 102

  • Kleče (Ljubljana)

  • Bekve pri Ljubljani

  • Salt factory - Tuzla

  • Bridge Studenčica

  • Koper - Spar

  • Mokronog

  • Medicinska fakulteta Maribor

  • Domžale

  • Škofja Loka

  • Hudourniška Ljubljana

  • Krško

  • Ptuj - Dominikansi samostan

  • Tobačna mesto Ljubljana

  • Tičiči (BiH)

  • Kemijski inštitut Ljubljana

  • Mahovljani (BiH)

  • Osijek (HR)

  • Trzin

  • Ljubljana Prule

  • Ljubljana Vič

  • Škofljica 2012

  • Bled Hotel Astoria

  • Kleče (Ljubljana)

  • Tuzla (BiH)